13 November 2007

anger (siena)

Charcoal on Utrecht bristol, 14" x 10".

siena got into this pose, and gave me several different versions. i thought her eye was going to pop out.

the poses were taken in strong sunlight, and her hair shadows much of her face. this helps to accent the scowl dimples in her chin and the compression in her lips.

this doesn't have quite the fierceness of a really angry expression, but i learned a lot about the subtle details that help to increase the intensity of the emotion.

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W. K. Moore said...

Bruce - you've been busy.. I find the angry pose of most interest - perhaps the reason being a frown for me is more mysterious than a smile. I imagine people that prefer a serene smile more than a turbulent frown are those drawn to serenity and orderliness as a rule. Just a theory. Compulsive peace or mayhem.. interesting where people fit within this range of being.