14 November 2007

surprise (siena)

Charcoal on Utrecht bristol, 14" x 10".

surprise is a sudden state of arousal, but without the negative affect of anger. geneva seems to express some alarm or displeasure; in fact, anger and surprise shade into each other.

as i worked on the tetes, i became aware that i was using stumping or blending to correct misplacement of shading. this drawing was done without smudging any of the lines.

i'm trying to use the charcoal in an etching style -- clean lines, no blending, textures and value gradations expressed by line thickness, spacing and contouring.

i draw for two or three hours in the weekly figure drawing group, but my preferred style is outline. these "tetes" revealed a lack of versatility in my drawing technique, so i am focusing now on remedies. (practice, practice, practice.)

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