27 November 2007

cecily cardew

Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

the principal reason jack must be ernest in the city is that he was assigned a young ward, cecily cardew, by the death of his victoria station benefactor. he requires urban relief now and then from the high moral tone he must maintain around cecily at their country home. as played by the lovely shakespearean actress dorothy tutin, here in frame 1:00:20, cecily presents her profile for inspection by gwendolyn, who has come to the country to check up on her fiance ernest (jack).

i chose this image for the nose. tutin's nose really is as perky as i've drawn it, maybe moreso ... noses are always difficult for me, and somehow tutin's nose stands out from her face and yet harmonizes perfectly with the rest of her features. this paradox is beautifully captured in the imaginative portrait photograph by peter keen in the national portrait gallery (london).

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