26 November 2007

lady bracknell

Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

gwendolyn is the daughter of lady bracknell, played for 30 years on the stage by dame edith evans. here she is responding to jack's admission that he has "lost" both his parents: he was adopted by a man who found him in a handbag in victoria station, the brighton line.

"a handbag??" exclaims lady bracknell at frame 25:55. she will never consent for her daughter to form an alliance with a parcel. and so the plot has twin engines -- jack must somehow find a family, and he must shortly be baptized, because gwendolyn will only marry a man named ernest. "the name has vibrations."

this drawing came off rather quickly. much of the expression is in the folds of the upper eyes and nose bridge, and in the pursing of the lips.

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