25 November 2007

gwendolyn fairfax

Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

in fact, jack has come to town in order to propose to his love gwendolyn, a cousin of algernon's, shown here at frame 19:06 as she encourages jack to propose to her because, she assures him, she intends to accept.

gwendolyn is played in the film by the unforgettable joan greenwood. it's perhaps her greatest role ... her breathy, plummy voice is mesmerizing.

greenwood has a beautifully proportioned and symmetrical face, with an exquisitely faceted nose and wry mouth. unfortunately facial features become harder for me to draw as they become more subtle. a big nose can be drawn too big and nobody will really notice; but a just right face must be drawn just right, otherwise it is wrong. the vexing part is that the error is usually subtle, and therefore difficult to identify and correct.

this is i think the least successful drawing of the set.

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