18 December 2007


Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

antoinette modeled for me today for two hours ... the last model of the year. my figure campaigns usually run for a few months in the fall/winter, but this year i spent more time on the series because of the portrait work. i worked with some great models ... imaginative and hard working.

i also have to say i have a wonderful wife. how many wives would let their husbands work with naked women?

i met antoinette in the weekly figure group a few months ago and asked her to come by and do an introductory session. these are life portraits from about 15 minute poses.

Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

i like the reminiscence of hans holbein (fils) in these drawings. i haven't resolved the problem of modeling the form yet but i want to keep my drawing technique as simple as possible.

i get the impression in the figure drawing group that many artists are trained to *work* as hard as they can on a drawing, as if each stroke with the pencil or chalk is another penny in the fountain. that kind of technique seems to me to make more work than needed.

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Nick said...

The line gets better all the time, I don't see how it could get smoother than this