17 December 2007

m. graham watercolors

Fabriano paper.

today i painted out the new "colors" in the m. graham watercolor line, 35 in all, measured the colors with my spectrophotometer and tried out the paints in a few paintings.

the additions fill out the important gaps in the line and add some really invaluable paints -- cobalt teal, pyrrole orange, perylene maroon, cobalt violet, copper azomethine (green gold) among many others.

overall, the quality of artists' materials available today is really remarkable. yes, there are some old papers that i was able to snag at new york central art supply's paper department that impressed me a lot, and yes kolinsky brushes are not quite the same today as they were several decades ago, but overall the breadth and quality of art materials available today has never been better. from digital to giclee to modern pigments and binders and a global diversity of papers, it's a great time to be a painter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this exciting information on, at long last, NEW colors from M. Graham! Their web site, including the technical page http://www.mgraham.com/html/tecnical.htm does not yet list these new watercolors, so there's no pigment info except what is on the tubes, which I don't yet have. I've been squinting at your painted strips (thanks for making a bigger version available too), but I can't make out what all the identifications are or how transparent some of them are. Any additional comments on these? "Terra Rosa" could be an opaque Indian Red-like paint, for all I know. Do the transparent yellow and red oxides resemble the Daniel Smith colors? I'm eager to hear any additional information you'd care to share. Especially if some of these watercolors are superior to other the analogous paints from other manufacturers. (I realize that lets Winsor & Newton out for quinacridone gold - such a telling move that they substituted for a mix of other colors and do not call it a "hue.")

Any further pigment info would be very helpful. (What is "anthraquinone blue"? "Azo orange"? "Indian Yellow"?) I plan to get some of the colors from Art Purveyors but am wondering which few to splurge on.

By the way, I check your blog regularly and am inspired by it, and I am still recommending your main watercolor site to all and sundry. It's a treasure house to us struggling watercolorists.


Nick said...

Nice to see this done properly

elisabeth said...

I'd like to second the request for pigment information, if you find you have the time. I've been googling around, but can't find anything. It looks as if my wish list may have been addressed in this wonderful line of paint, except for quinacridone magenta.

Bruce said...

thanks for the questions; i regret i haven't answered this topic.

the best source for pigment information is usually the manufacturer, so i am perplexed that art graham does not have the new pigment ingredients posted at the m.graham site (as of feb.1). i'd email him and request a copy.

meanwhile i have decided to add the new paints in the pigment guide, but haven't yet gotten around to it. it's 34 paints, after all.

i agree, the quinacridone magenta (PR122), which is almost the standard acrylic magenta, would be lovely to have; i'd also vote for chromium oxide green. art already has his hands full.

muinteoir said...

I found the pigment list at:

Happy painting.

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Anonymous said...
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