07 February 2008


Carbon pencil on Strathmore drawing, 10" x 14".

next up is paola, a young woman from a town south of me. she comes out of columbian parents, petite and with intense dark eyes and strong bones.

her hands are delicate, with beautifully extended digits. i don't think i did them justice in the drawing. i want to try again with different drawing styles, to see what works best with her hands.

working with so many different models over a short period has helped me see the differences between the women i've worked with. paola has a kind of forthright reserve, if that makes sense; i hope i can put it on good display in her portraits.

one thing these models seem to share is that they are at inflection points in their lives. the future looks more important than the past, they are active in making things happen, they are ready to try new things. it's a great energy to explore with them.

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