06 February 2008

weekly figure group

Carbon pencil on Strathmore drawing 180 gsm, 10" x 14".

the model this week was new to all of us, whom i'll call Z because i can't spell her mayan name. (as she explained it, she's not mayan: she was born in mexico and her parents were hippies.)

i got a lot of good drawings from Z. she was generally steady and struck some novel poses. she had a warm skin tone, sharp features and a very rewarding figure, athletic and large but not cut (muscled) or bony.

normally i don't enjoy the lying down portion of the modeling session, but the pose shown above had a dynamic twist in the lower back, tautness across the breasts, a lyrical drape of both arms, and fantastic foreshortening. this is not a model that has just flopped down to take a paid nap: she is "working the pose".

i did a couple of portrait drawings; this one is the first. don leivas, who is probably the best artist attending the group regularly, liked it ... so here's to you, don.

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