21 February 2008

stefanie stretching (1)

Watercolor on Arches CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

working through more backlog, i dug out six paintings i had started of stefanie doing dance stretches on the studio sun deck. these are from a photo series shot last august; the paintings were all started in outline then, but only this one was brought close to completion.

my interest was to work the form with a brighter spectrum of flesh colors, including cobalt violet. i left her features unfinished to give the figure anonymity. once all six paintings are finished, i can go through and harmonize them as a set.

stefanie claims to come from a family of south german peasants. what strikes me about stefanie's form is the way it radiates health and solidity. sexual tension is kept to a minimum.

1 comment:

W. K. Moore said...

Nice grays reflected in the skin tone. The abstracted face attracts my interest (does that matter? - sure it does).. the leaf masses balance the top and give harmony to the whole. I see a big S pattern which makes for a comfortable ride through the painting. Gray.. love gray.... Planes of the figure fit well and naturally.. a joy to see.