22 February 2008

stefanie stretching (2)

Watercolor on Winsor & Newton CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

i began the series serveral months ago and left this painting half finished.

it's my least favorite pose, but it complements the other views as a series.

the base flesh tone is winsor & newton gold ochre, modified with burnt sienna, perylene red, benzimida maroon, and phthalo green (yellow shade).

the original photos show a cable railing system along the edge of the deck, which is seven or eight feet above the ground beyond. by removing that element i simplified or schematicized the design, and rendered the background ambiguous. it may be trees and grass as it appears, or it may be a wall mural of trees and grass in an urban enclosure.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, this series is beautiful. Given your comment on how so much is lost between the original and the photographed and uploaded version, I can only try to imagine what those skin tones are really like. Even in the little uploaded images, they glow.

I note your use of "benzimida maroon." Is that the same as the "Bordeaux" sold by Daniel Smith, PV32, or something else? As I recall, you were not enthusiastic about the lightfastness or color of this pigment compared to others. What did you choose here and why? (I hope you'll answer here because it is germane to the techniques you are using in this series.)

And did you mix in your "modifying" pigments or primarily glaze them in layers?

Thank you for the enjoyment and information you continue to give me,