24 February 2008

stefanie stretching (4)

Watercolor on Winsor & Newton CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

this painting uses the same flesh tone series, but softened in the deep shadows by tints of ultramarine blue.

the modeling on the back was a fun challenge; the point was to keep the musculature from appearing too defined.

i was intrigued to discover how the separate images diverged, both in color and in brush texture, as i worked. at one or two junctures i had to focus on harmonizing the series, yet visible differences remain.

one reason i do not make technical progress is that i am continually experimenting with relatively small changes in technique. i enjoy the process, but the enjoyment may not be worth the extra effort it requires.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Great pose and painting...again, the background shapes and the angles of the deck add a lot fo interest too