25 February 2008

stefanie stretching (5)

Watercolor on Lanaquarelle HP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

the background foliage and the deck planks in paintings 3 to 6 were all painted at the same time, in assembly line fashion. even so the foliage patterns turned out differently in each.

the tree is m.graham hooker's green, which gives a luxuriant thick texture; the shadow is perylene black (green), a great landscape shadow pigment; the remainder is chromium oxide green mixed with burnt sienna and a dulling bit of ultramarine blue.


Dosferatu said...

The Stefanie paintings look great -- could you post them all in one post so we can see how they look next to each other, instead of having to scroll up and down?

Bruce said...

the margins of blogspot are not wide enough to accommodate two paintings side by side ... however i have posted the stefanie figures together, and larger size, on this page.