26 February 2008

stefanie stretching (6)

Watercolor on Arches R 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

when i first dug out these paintings i discarded this one because of small blemishes; in fact i was looking for an excuse not to do it. but i repented and finished it because the pose is one of the nicest in the series.

the rough paper makes it difficult to get clean edges. in all the paintings i roughed in the background to define the figure, then modeled the figure volume. to finish i glazed the background with a juicy tint of ultramarine blue. this is a "cutting layer" because it sharpens and cleans up the edge and pushes the figure forward.


Nick said...

That tree in the background really makes these comps nice. rough paper...don't see how you did it.

Sharon said...

Fabulous series, so glad you finished them.