29 May 2008


wolff's carbon pencil on strathmore drawing, 14" x 10".

have been getting more into the problem of human figure proportions, the ideal schemes throughout history; writing a web page on figure painting; working with bridgeman's "constructive anatomy" to understand the anatomical fitting together.

kimberly always had a talent for amazing poses, and a feral head of magenta hair. i extended her legs as an experiment in proportions. it doesn't change the sexual dynamics of the pose, but makes them more exotic in caricature.


David Burge said...

Golly Bruce writing a webpage on figure drawing ought to bring out the experts with advice, god knows there are enough of them. All the best with it.

Nick said...

The kind of proportional exaggeration I like to see! Always seemed to me that elongation is one of the most effective tools of figure artists. My regards to Kimberly.