29 May 2008


watercolor & carbon pencil on Arches R 300gsm, 14" x 10".

a portrait image of lula. she had sprawled her arms more but i asked her to tuck her hands toward her body. the hair is a golden yellow base (quinacridone gold) tinted with phthalo green, perylene black, cadmium scarlet, sepia. it barely hangs together but was fun to try.

the warm colors are not tinted with blue, which gives more brightness to the blue accents (eyes, wall) and the single green accent, the foliage through the blinds. the blouse pattern was painted without an underdrawing, to make it delicate.

i have felt an unexpected positive interest toward this young woman, a "wish you well" feeling about her life.


Nick said...

Realy like this one Bruce - got the patina of the leather, love the pattern on the shirt, nice skintones, and the green bars with the watery texture is right up my alley. Beautiful girl too. I'd consider softening the area in the neck. Which reminds me of a hilarious story I just read on the Whitney blog site:

W. K. Moore said...

Bruce.. nice shirt work. Good flow of contour and rendering work these days.

Anonymous said...

Je ne parle ni n'ecris l' anglais helas. Mais je le lis assez facilement en prenant le risque de quelques contre-sens ;-).
J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce blog où le nu féminin est à l'honneur avec beaucoup de délicatesse . Le talent du peintre est indéniable ! Félicitations à vous !!!!!
Marie Jeanne