01 June 2008


wolff's carbon on Strathmore drawing 180 gsm, 12" x 17.5".

a portrait of lula with extended legs. i used a diagonal eighths grid to copy the figure freehand from a photo.

the main problems were the foot and the foreshortening of the flexed leg and the face.

i built the figure outline gradually and only hinted at the figure environment.


Jeanette said...

One of the things that I love most about your work is your drawing ability. Its so clean and lovely. That extends over into your watercolours as you maintain the same clarity in colour.

I adore this line drawing.

David Burge said...

Some astute lines describing leg anatomy in particular. By that I mean your choices, that accounts for the differences between artist and other. Regardless of whether drawn from photo or life, the choices of which contour to take and which to leave, where to press and where to float the pencil are revealing.
One of your best I think.

Brent Perkins said...

Lithe, graceful, beautiful.