29 January 2008

cassandra, two views

Carbon pencil on Strathmore drawing, 14" x10".

this is the second life sketch of cassandra, drawn after i'd done the survey photos of her face. (this is a series of photos in full sunlight, taken at the same distance but from different angles -- from full face to profile -- to show nose, mouth and bones in depth.)

below i've attached a freehand drawing (no transfer grid, no projective tracing) i did from one of the survey photographs that roughly matches the life pose at left. it's interesting to compare the two; they are very different.

Carbon pencil on Strathmore drawing, 14" x10".

i spent more time with the photograph, particularly to analyze the hair, which is the major problem with the life drawing. oddly, the facial proportions in the life drawing are more accurate -- the photo drawing makes her nose too long, though it's an interesting effect.

cassandra has very crisply defined features ... a brilliant smile, large blue eyes, a finely chiseled nose, translucent skin. she also has a dramatic, outgoing personality, which she shines through her face like sunlight through a prism.

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Nick said...

Love the hair in the second one!!