28 January 2008


Carbon pencil on Strathmore drawing, 10" x 14".

next up is cassandra, a 22 year old from a town north of me, who is just coming back from a modeling hiatus.

this is my first drawing of her hands, which are among the most elegant and charming hands i have ever seen. i told her i could spend a month on her hands alone.

she'd written in reply to my ad, and we'd chatted on the phone and then met at the graton reception. i was talking to one of the gallery partners when she swam up in front of me, with a look of recognition that actually startled me. then she came over two days later to fill in for a model who had a scheduling conflict.

we spent two hours together in difficult light, and i got a general sense of her energy and range. i see her again in two weeks.

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